Rindika Sailo

Skin Cancer, Diabetes

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Rindika Sailo's Bio

Rindika was an IT profession, he is quiet and humble. He loves sports and is especially crazy about American Football. He is kind and loving person. He is a wonderful cook he takes such pride in cooking for his family and others. He has been the provider and wonderful man to his family.  To them the sunrises and sets around him.

In 2007, Rindika was diagnosed with Diabetes treated with Insulin and Metformin. Naturally things changed for him and his family. It has been a manageable change but as time has gone on, so has the decline in his health. In 2013,  he was diagnosed with End Stage Kidney Failure and went straight on dialysis. He went into a deep depression and then in 2014, he was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Cancer in his right cheek. He started treatment only to lead to resection and reconstruction on the right side of his face in June of 2015.  This was followed by radiation in August and again in September. As if that was not enough, in November 2015,  he developed an serious eye infection in his left eye.  This infection resulted in blindness.

Rindika was scheduled for eye removal surgery at John Hopkins only to be delayed due to other problems found during further testing. Praying for a New Year, we have only faced more declining health issues and in  January 2016 the recurrent cancer has now spread from his chin to his throat. His fight will continue to battle the cancer and he will start another round of chemo.  This means the eye surgery will be postponed once more.

Rindika and I ( Nute) have 2 wonderful children:  Rinchhani Sailo, 11th grade UHS and Benjamin Sailo, 9th grade also at UHS.   He has Autism and is on a 5th grade level.  Both children worship their dad and watch their mother try and handle it all.  Nute considers herself spoiled by the man she loves.  He did everything for them and is their rock and refuses to give up his daily fatherhood role to honor his family and take care of them. The family loves him so much and is now at a point they need help.

Nute’s work is very supportive of her and the everyday battle she endures to make sure her husband makes all his kidney dialysis appointments even with the blizzard or un-cleared streets. She is learning to get it all done and be the rock her husband has been for them for so long all while trying work and make ends meet.

The bills are mounting with loss of hours at work and trying to juggle it all.  She is doing what he never wanted to do – ask for help. The family loves him so much and is now at a point they need help. If you would please pray for our family and support any fundraisers that are done in his name it would be greatly appreciated. Family and Friends are treasured values we should never lose.

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