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Heart & Stomach Problems


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Katharyn Rentzell's Bio

My name is Katharyn. I’m a Momma to three boys, wife of a firefighter and previously worked as a Registered Nurse. I have a very complicated medical history. I’ve had heart problems since I was a small child, but in the last year, it has become acutely severe, to the point of needing surgery at Johns Hopkins. I also have peptic ulcers and gastro paresis. In layman’s terms, the gastro paresis means my stomach doesn’t work, so I now must get my nutrition, hydration, and medications through IV infusion therapy via a mediport implanted in my chest, which takes 12-16 hours a day. I also have a home nurse that cares for me. This fall I had a pacemaker implanted. I also suffer from fibromyalgia, asthma, migraines, severe central sleep apnea, and continue to have heart problems despite the surgeries. It’s been an extreme challenge to change from the role of the nurse and caretaker, to the patient. I’m on the wrong end of the stethoscope now. In 2012, I was hospitalized nine times, mostly at Johns Hopkins; the longest hospitalization lasted 50 days. It’s been immensely emotionally challenging to be in the hospital so much, away from my husband and sons. My youngest son suffers from severe Cerebral Palsy and my middle son is being evaluated for an Autism/Asperger’s spectrum disorder. It’s very difficult for me to care for my youngest son because of my own physical weakness and illness, so we hope to be able to make our home wheelchair accessible so that my son can be more independent, and alleviate some of the physical labor for me. Without my income, we’re really struggling to make ends meet, much less fund home renovations. But through these struggles, dear family and friends and our church family have been immensely supportive, holding us in prayer, sharing our burden of grief and frustration, and reminding us continually that we remain in God’s steadfast hand. We trust in His covenant that He will provide for our knees, and we praise Him for His continued mercy and grace.

Katherine and Nathan that the family wishes to Thank the winner of the 50/50 raffle at the 2013 JbarWranch Rodeo that donated back all the winnings to the family.  God Bless You!

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