Arelio Mercado

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

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Arelio Mercado's Bio

Hello my name is Monique and I am the mother of Arelio Mercado. Arelio was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (Very High Risk) on July 7, 2016. Since then we have had several lumbar punctures, Chemo’s and hospital stays. He has lost his hair, his eyelashes, his weight and his childhood. He was once a fearless little boy that was not afraid to do anything. Now he won’t walk down the stairs without being afraid and crying. He holds onto his port every time he walks which is placed on the left side upper chest area. He asks me every day Mom, the doctors are not going to hurt me. You’re not gonna take me to the doctors today, and that’s how we start our day. He is so afraid to play in fear that he might get hurt. He wakes up screaming in the middle of the night crying telling me please don’t let them hurt me mom.

He just turned 4 years old. It was very hard to find a part time job that accepts that I have a sick son and time off is needed often do to the things that are going on with Arelio.  My son requires my full attention. I have been out of work since October, 2016. We also had a new born baby when all this came about. Her name is Lilyana she is 21 months now. We have been struggling since Arelio’s diagnosis. We will be back in the clinic the day before the week is over for a 3-4 hour stay for Chemo, which will take up to a week or two for it to subside. The Chemo damages his nerves so it makes it very hard for him to walk.

We would very much appreciate anything that is done for our family. Thank you for your time in getting to know our family.

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