Amanda Barnes

Brain Tumor

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Amanda Barnes's Bio

Amanda was born in Frederick, Maryland and has lived and worked here all of her life. She attended school perusing a criminal justice major, while working a full time job and raising the two joys of her life, Riley (6) and James (3), and being a wife to her husband Steve. It was during her return to school that Amanda realized that she had begun to lose her vision. On January 13, 2012, Amanda found out that she has a benign brain tumor while at an appointment getting her eyes checked. She has so far experienced dangerously high cerebral spinal fluid levels, excruciating head pain, and a stroke which caused her to lose vision in her right eye completely.

Since diagnosis, her medical bills and costs of medicine have steadily increased. Amanda has just begun to receive treatment at Johns Hopkins, exploring the options with a neurosurgeon. She has continued to work every day because she cannot afford to pay for her medicine, bills or treatment if she takes time off. Amanda will inevitably be put on disability through her job to receive intense treatment, which will drastically reduce her income even further.

After everything is done, monitoring and future precautionary treatments will still be required. For now, the need to reach remission without further complications from this tumor is the biggest goal.

Thank you for your prayers and any help provided, it is greatly appreciated by Amanda and her entire family.

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