Marilyn Keiser-Palczewski


Sadly on July 29, 2016, Marilyn lost her battle with cancer.  The Patty Pollatos Fund offers it’s deepest sympathies and prayers to Marilyn’s family and friends.  Click to view Obituary


Marilyn’s Bio:

Marilyn had been a healthy, active person her entire life.  She rarely missed work, maybe one to two times a year.  She had always enjoyed working, and currently is not able to be around potentially infectious people due to her autoimmune status and chemotherapy.  The diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma was and still is a shock to her and a life changing event.  Through all the events that have occurred since she was diagnosed in September 2013, her coworkers and husband’s coworkers, friends, family and church family have been so very supportive, sending her cards, gifts and words of encouragement during her journey.  She says she never realized how truly blessed she was.

Marilyn is 64 years old and has known her husband, Jan, for 37 years.  They met during the Blizzard of 1977 in Columbus, OH, where she lived.  He has always been her rock and the calm in life’s storms.  They have two dogs, Ashley and Curtis, a Beagle and Bishon they rescued a few years ago.

Marilyn holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the University of Maryland, also attended Frederick Community College.  She has worked at Frederick Memorial Hospital for over 22 years.  She was a Wound Care Specialist in the Wound Care Center.  Marilyn declares, “the best part of being a nurse is getting to care for so many different patients with so many varied needs.  I only hope my career is not over since I had planned to work a few more years.” 

Only time will tell if she will respond to the planned stem cell transplant positively.  Her trust in God is guiding her care.  She has recently started the pre-stem cell transplant program at University of Maryland Hospital.


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