Daniel Johnson

Dan’s Bio:

Dan Johnson (54 years of age) has been happily married to Sharon Johnson for 31 years as of June 2014. They have two beautiful children, Lily (14 years old) and Michael, (8 years old). The past five years have been quite challenging for Dan and the rest of the family.

Dan’s Cancer was diagnosed on February 19th, 2009 when during a colonoscopy the doctor found a large tumor in his colon. Due to the tumors size and seriousness, Dan felt he would get the best treatment by going to Johns Hopkins. He had surgery on March 20th, 2009 to remove the tumor and most of his colon along with many lymph nodes. The doctor told Dan that due to the size of the tumor it probably had spread to his lymph nodes, but he did not see any tumors on any other organs during surgery. After a few days the biopsies came back positive for cancer cells being spread to his lymph nodes. So the doctor staged him, Colon Cancer III-A. Chemo started 8 weeks after surgery for 7 months. They gave him heavy doses of Chemo which caused many side effects a few became so serious they had to stop it for a month.

Dan really thought he had officially won this Cancer battle since they gave him such heavy doses of chemo. But unfortunately they found a spot on his right lung in October of 2011 during one of his routine cat scans. Since the spot was small his doctor decided to wait until January and see how much it had grown after having another cat scan. This scan showed the spot had increased in size and now a tumor was found in his bronchial area. After a PET scan and a biopsy done it confirmed these tumors both contained Colon Cancer cells. This time he went through 8 weeks of Radiation and Chemo every day before he had surgery in June to remove the top lobe of his lung and the tumor in his chest area. This was a very difficult surgery for him with a long recovery. The doctors informed him that his tumors and lung lobe that was removed still had living Cancer cells in them when the pathology report came back—which now means his Cancer has become resistant to Radiation and Chemo. This means that if the cancer where to return again; there would be more difficulty for treatment options due to such resistance.

Unfortunately it did return in this past October of the year 2013. After a cat scan revealed something that looked very suspicious in his thoracic area again. After undergoing a PET scan that confirmed that there is a tumor behind his heart and another near his bronchial tube in the upper part of his chest. A Bronchoscopy was done to retrieve a biopsy that would come back positive for Colon Cancer. Radiation wouldn’t be possible due to the locations and surgery is not an option because the doctor said that would not be able to remove all of it so they would not put Dan through that risk. Chemo containing different drugs is the only option the doctor said. Dan started heavy doses of Chemo on January 10th, and will get them in 3 week intervals along with taking Chemo orally every day. So far he has had two rounds and will get his third round on February 21st, 2014. This Chemo has been much harder on him then the other Chemo treatments in the past. After completing his third round of Chemo he will return a week after to have a PET scan done and a visit to his doctor so they can determine if the Chemo is working. Decisions will be made at this appointment to determine what is best for Dan.

Dan has been so incredibly strong since being diagnosed and has never complained once, not once. This battle has been very difficult on not only Dan, but the entire family. They continue to stand on God’s word for comfort and peace. Thank you for your prayers and any help provided, it is greatly appreciated by the entire family in this battle, especially Dan.

Please visit www.caringbridge.org/visit/danjohnson2 for current updates on Dan and upcoming information about his treatments and current status.

“Give all to Him because He cares for you.”

–1st Peter 5:7


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