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Continuing Prayer List for God’s Angels
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Father God we lift up to your Throne of Grace each and every Man, Woman and Child on this prayer list and all that they represent for Mercy, Wisdom and Strength. Mercy Father that they will come to know you if they do not now-To know that you are not putting them through this but helping them. May they know one set of foot prints for that will be when they surrender all to you and are resting in your loving arms. Wisdom for all the doctors, nurses, lab technicians, diagnostic team- anyone who has anything to do with the care of this prayer list. We pray Father God for your special anointing on each and everyone; for you are the Great Physician – Your Are the Great Healer- You are the Great I Am. Strength for the families – for it is so hard to watch a love one in pain. Please comfort them with a peace that goes beyond all understanding. We ask all this through Jesus Christ who taught his disciples to Pray:

Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed by thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread; Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one. For thine is the Kingdom and Power and the Glory for ever and ever, Amen.

God’s Angels:

Pray for Our Armed Forces Prayers for not only our Troops but the Family they left behind
Caitlyn Crawford Ben Bostick
Leroy Crook Vicki French
Diann Webb Robert Jackson Kennedy
Angel Cregger Matt Silvern
James & Carol Browning Richelle Schmitz
Danniele McKnight Kevin Dorsey
TJ Reilly Kynlee Keeney
Helen Burdette Timmy Burdette
Raul Zambrano Carmen Meranda
Ray German Betty Bradley

Billy Carlin

June & Bob Barnhouse

Reese Burdette

Patricia Stiles
Lisa Darden Blake Britton
James Swanson Moreno Family
Boyd Shomaker Eva Bostick
Anita Westport Eleanor Vira
Jordan Vira Norman Hawley
Kyle Jones Kylen Vira
Kayden Vira William John Ozias
Angie Penn Lia Hart
Brenda Long Rosie Driggers
Aaron Brown Kathy Patrick and family
Aaron Greene Kathy Snyder
Aaron Miller Katie Fitch
Addie Douglas Kay King
Addison Kay Marlatt
Addison Grubb Kay Martin
Adri Patterson Kaylan O’Brien
Airman 1st Class Matthew R. Seidler and Family Kebel Reese
Alaina Ridenour Kelly Bugden
Alan Remsburg Kelly Moulton
Alesia Smith Kelly Moulton-San Diego
Alex Bodroghy Kelly Mower Family
Alex Hancock and Family Kelly Rayman
Alexis Jarmin Ken & Betty Farr
Alexis Stevens Ken Anderson
Alexis Weber Ken Pew
Alfie Fisher Ken Withrow
Allan Pederson Kenneth Arnold
Allen Brown Kenneth Boyd Jr
Allen Friedman Kenneth Carter
Allison “Ali” Pinieski Kenneth Keeney
Ally Dunlap Kenneth Leyman
Amanda Barnes Kenny Bromfield Family
Amanda Nicole Dye Kerry Ketchum
Amy Tasker and Family Kevin Jenkins
Anderson Koh Kevin Jenkins
Andre Pearson Kevin Maldonado
Andrew Arnold Keyonta Boyd
Andrew Caraker Khylee Harrison
Andy Burke Family Kimberly Snow
Angie Spielman Kitty Loun
Anna Belle Kregg Reynolds
Anthony Dart Kris Cruchley
April Willis Kris Sorant
Arlene Friedman Krista Alston
Arline Williams Kyla Jackson
Art Richards Kyla Poole
Artesh Townes & Family Kyle Dixon’s Family
Ashlyne Marie Will’s Family Larry Fritz
Audrey Ackerman Larry Ketron
Audrey Combs Larry Walker
Audrey Feathers LaToya Freeman
Austin Garver Laura Heinzmann
Avice Smith Lauren & Shay
Baby Austin Campbell Lauren and Kaycee Fowler
Baby Declan Carmical Lauren Jarmin
Baby Eva DelRicco and family Laurie Barnes
Baby Guin and her family Laurie Webber
Baby Jonathan Wilson Laverne McDonald
Baby Nathan Crum Leah Moran
Baby Shane Schultz Lee Latimer
Barbara Ann Goines Lee Sulivan
Barbara Ann Meredith Lenora Hawkins
Barbara Ann Middleton Leona Miller
Barbara Bialk Leslie Marino
Barbara Brennan Leslie Sier
Barbara Locke Lester Lewis
Barbara Maly Family Lexi Speight Family
Barbara Rose Lillard Family in Myersville
Barbara Wager Lily Weaver
Barry Glass Linda Brown
Beachley Family Linda Jensen
Becky Berry Linda Oiler
Benjamin Charles Linda Tomas
Bernadette & James Ford Lisa “Angel” Wood
Betsy (Amren) Wenz Family Lisa Greer
Bettie Jane Bryant Lisa Harris
Betty & Lisa Campbell Lisa Williams
Betty (Mo) Anderson Little Dominic
Betty Arnold Little Isabella
Betty Lou Semplinski Little Jaden Bacon
Beverly Aungst Little Katie Ryan
Beverly Pait and Bill-Loss of Son Little Kyla Poole
Bill Custer and Family Little Sara
Bill Delawter Liz Sponseller
Bill Dunn Lois & Dempsey Browning
Bill Hockensmith Lois Schroyer
Bill Poffenbarger Family Lt. Andrew Kinard, USMC
Bill Wiegle Luke Christopher Miller
Billy Stewart Magdiel Rozaria
Bobby Knott Makaiya Rhodes,
Bobby Richardson Margaret Bade
Boyd Family Margaret Perry
Bradlee Dorsey Margaurie Frommey
Brady & The Luyaa Family Margie Ougle
Brady Long Maria Montoya
Brandon Terrell Marianne Sevy
Bree Beamer Marilyn Blank
Brenda Main Marilyn Young
Brenda Nash Marine Lee Phillips
Brendan Grubb Mark – Cancer
Brent Blickenstaff Mark Knee
Brian Gaver Mark Saicheck
Brianne Hollister Marlene Eyler and Family
Brigitte Farrell Martha Kennedy
Brooke Riggs Marty Wenck
Brown & Monica Elder Marvin West
Bryan Burns Mary Beth Hill
Bryce Grubb Mary Grubb
Bud Faulkner Mary J Askey
Buddy Ingram Mary Lawyer
Buddy Rinenecker Mary Lowe
Buddy Weddle Mary Patil
Butch Riley Maryann Jarrett
Caden Michael Grant Maryjoe
Cameron Myers Matt Dryden
Carly Byrd Matthew Kepler
Carly McGrady Maught Family
Carlyne Rasberry Maureen-Bone Cancer
Carol Criddle Maurice Tracey
Carol Martinez McLaughlin Family
Carrie Legge Megan Marlatt
Cassie Moriarty Melissa Holland
Cathy Brown Melissa Hudson
Cathy Pine Melissa Moore
Chad Field Michael & Sandra Doyle Family
Chad Whittenburg Michael Fink and Family
Chante Morris Michael Lewis
Charlene Saxon Michael Sicola
Chase Remsburg Michael Wiggins
Cheryl & Richie Kibler Michele Mauro
Chester Brisco Michele Small
Chip Crum Mike B, Dave, Dave O.
Chris Bedard Mike Cady
Chris Murray Family Military Soldiers Serving In Iraq
Chris Rhyner Military Soldiers Serving our Country
Chris Smith Mindie Heward
Chris Zeleznik Mission of Mercy Nursing Director & Husband
Christi Dart Missionary’s In Mexico, Tim and Family-John and Barbara and all that represent-Hedge of Protection
Christina Bennington Monica and Bob Chiralo
Christine Peratino Rector Morgan Grubb
Christopher Dart Mr Posharow
Chuck Brownlowe Mr. & Mrs. Bromfield
Chuck Gill Mr. Newhall
Cindy Hogman-His wife has cancer, he is asking for prayer! Mr. Ritchie
CJ Winand Mrs. Albaugh
Clarence King Jr.,Bud Mrs. Saicheck
Cleo Stallard Mrs. Teres
Cody Damuth Mrs. Wright
Colleen Dooley Ms Moyer
Colleen Geppi Ms Watterson
Collin Hong Mulanda Williams
Connie Smith’s Family Nancy & Jeff Pettijohn
Connor and Ciana Rutledge Nancy McBride
Cordelia Wilson Nancy Shipway
Corey Williams Nancy Wiles
Cory Kitchen Nancy Young
Cotey Eyler Natalie Kerpelman
Courtney Loftus and the team in Haiti Natasha Drummond
Courtney Robarge Nathan Breen
Craig-Healing Nathaniel & Katharyn Rentzell
Crystal Goddard Naya Alvarez Clemente
Crystal, Samantha and Hunter Lowe Nicolas Marlatt
Cunningham Family Nicole Gibson
Dale Outten Jr and family Noah Rice
Dale Sanders Noah’s Friends Hannah and Seth
Damon Winkleman Family Noland Kinna
Dan Mack Noland Parker
Dana Vess Norma Miller
Daniel Crook Northern Illinois University-Huskies Shooting Victims – Families & Friends
Daniel Joseph Nisonger Otis Oliphant
Daniel Mack Paige Hoover
Dannie Cox Pam Sullivan
Dannie Terrell Jr. Pastor Laws
Darlene Little Patricia Kopper
Darrell Tarte Patriots’ Border Alliance
Dave & Jami Henley Pattie Brownlowe
Dave Denn Paul Arneson
Dave King Paul Atkins
Dave Mills Paul Gouge
Dave Samsel Paul Posharow
Dave Simmons Paul Quattrochi
Dave Thompson Paul Simkins
Davey Shores Paul Simoneau & Family
David & Daniel Spokely Paul Ware
David Avila Peggy Fox
David Schlesinter & Family Peggy Kingsberry
David Shoemaker, Jr. Peggy Reeder
David White Peggy Webber
David Wilson’s Ministry People of Haiti
David, Renae & Uncle Roger Percy Shumaker
Dawn Miller Pete Sheplee
Dawn Moser Phil Bolling
Dawson Walstad Phillip Bolling
Dean Woodling Phyllis Gravley
Debbie Flabbi Phyllis Pait
Debbie Frazier Poirier/Stephen Families-Unity & Peace
Debbie Hissey Preston Miller
Debbie Williams-Barnes Pricilla Gordon
Delbert Wilson Pumphries Family
Diane Jackson Rachel Dombroski
Dillon Papier Rachel Pace
Donald and Peggy Black Rachel Smarsh
Donald Barnes Jr. Ralph Sanford
Donna Brobst Ramona Dawes
Donnie Jackson Family Randy Dickens
Doris Flickenger Randy Hayes
Dr. Gabriela C. Alvarez Ray Black Family
Duane Hajos Raymond Frye
Earl Gravley Family Rebecca King
Earl S Mixell Reggie & Kim Butler
Eddie Hill Sr Reginald Alston
Eddie Martin Rene Beltran
Eliana Walschot-Stapp Renee Davis
Elizabeth “Libby” Whyte Rex Blank
Elsie Bartgis Rex-Job
Elsie Johnson Rhea Crist
Emily Brooke Zimmerman Rich Pardo
Emily Strong Richard Blough
Emma Baker Richard Eastburn
Emma Rhoderick Richard Hager
Eric Sheflett Family Richard Passarell
Erica Eggleston Richard Rains
Ermine Layer Richard Sawyers
Ervin Rickman Family Rick Hetzel
Esther Hubbard Rita Godfrey
Families Mid-West River Thomas Robinson
Fannie Mae Rob Fogle
Frances Coleman Rob Smith
Frannie Sherwood Morris Robert “Ziggy” Owen
Frazier Family Robert Abraham
Fred Askey Jr. Robin Jeff
Freddie Pait, Cliff, Lacy, Buck, Raymond, Kelly, Sue, Kim, Tina, Tisha, Brenda, Six8 and James Robin Nance
Frehiwot “Marra” Olsson Family Rodger Montgomery
Gabrielle Stoler Roger Arnold
Gail Thompson Roger Bowen
Garnet Stevens Roger Roan
Garrett Dailey Ron Allen
Garrett Parks Ron Peppe
Gary Campbell Ron Stallings
Gary Cross Ron Turner & Family
Gary Dayhoff Ron Whitehead
Gary Grubb Ronnie Diment
Gary Hogman Ronny Lowe
Gary Inoff Rosalie Staley
Gary Shafer Roseanne Wilson
Gary Wurtz Rosemarie Lunn
Gene Taylor Roy Harris
Geraldeen Williams Roy Ledford
Greg Brown Roy Thorpe
Greg Lenhart Ruby Barry
Greg Perrell Ruth Cissel
Gregory Carter Rutledge Family
Grover & Rose Sixberry Sabrina Parker
Haiti Earthquake Victims Sallie Hammond
Haley Brueggeman Sandra Chapin
Hansen Barrick Sandy Severin
Harley Hendrix Sara Bellison
Harriet Green Sara Frazier
Harry Haines Sarah Smith
Hayden Scott Kania
Hazel Beard Sean Harris
Hazel Beard Sean Headd
Hazel Yogan Sean Nicholson
Heather Kauffman & Child McKenna Shannon Williams
Henry Morris Family Sharon Keller and Family
Homeless Sharon Remsburg
Howard Johnson Sharon Thompson
Ian Heck Shelby Betson Marsden
Ian Rogers Shelby Sadler and Family
ISA Shem Nininger & Family
Isa Ranson Sherry and Michael Silver
Ivan Wolfe Sherry Grubic
Izaiah Alexander Rogers Shirley Dubert
Izaiah Rodgers Sissy Day
Jack Panther Spc. Ronald H Wildrick, Jr. and Family
Jackie and Scott Embury St. Paul UMC, Fayette, MO
Jackie Keyser Stacey A. Godlove
Jacob Bollinger Stacey Pollatos Howard
Jacob Johnson Stacey Shumaker
Jacqueline Hobbs Stanley Remsburg Family
Jailyn Bumbalough Stephanie Hawthorne
James Adams Stephanie Kibler-Ecton
James Gibson Steve Goben
James McQue Steve Howell & Family
Jane Edwards Stewart Kennedy
Janet Haines Susan Kirkwood
Jason College Susan Knoff
Jason Trott Susan Tom
Jason Wiles Sylvia Lucas
Jayne Jamison Tac Eckenrode
Jean & Jim Smith & Family Talia & Jerome Pleasant
Jeanette Caniford Tamarah Bamberg Clark
Jeannie Class Tammy Payton
Jeannie Dalaba Tanner Matney
Jeff Autrey Taylor Lowe
Jeff Barnes Taylor Neugebauer
Jeff Everett Terri McNeil
Jeffrey Clarke and family Terry Christin
Jeffrey W. Ruehle The Albright Family
Jeffry Windsor The Entire Muse Family
Jen Peppe Hahn The Missionaries and Responders
Jennifer Hall Theda Miller
Jennifer Kelly Thelma Linton
Jennifer Murphy Thomas Ramsey
Jeremy Bearden Thomas Suffecool
Jeremy Long Tim Mattheews
Jessica Howard Timmy Cope Family
Jim & Joanne Timothy Bowser
Jim and Joanne Gaver Tina Willis
Jim Glover TJ Rufty
Jim Harris Todd Blough
Jim Marret Todd Keyser
Jim Pugh Tom Semplinski
Jo Mullendorf & Family Tommy Dossett
Jo Ostby Tommy Gutridge
Joanne Roach Tony Dart Jr.
Joaquin Davis Sr. Tony Semplinski
Jody Crum Family Tonya Norton’s
Joe College Sr. & Tonya Thompson
Joe Moser Trecy Helmig
Joe Pat Hutchins Trey Love
John Cinno Tristan Singleton
John Eury Family Troy Ryan
John K. Tuddie Garver
John Robb Tyler Carson
John Shade Tyler Condren
Johnny Byrd Tyler Condren’s Family
Jon Racy Tyler Liebegott
Jonathan R. Strong Tyler Wilt
Joni Knott Tyone Lane
Jordon Jemsek Vernon Martin
Joseph DiFrancesco Vicki Gregory and Family
Joseph Prete Vicky Nash-Patrick
Joseph Skiba Vicky Singer
Joseph Topper Victims of Katrina
Josh Chris Virginia Koontz
Josh Wilson Family Virginia Tech Students, Family and Teachers
Joy Jolliffe Walter [Bill] King & Family
Joyce Peters Walter Ougle
Joyce Wilcoxon Wanda Fox
Judy Snyder Wanda Summers
Justin Drebing Warren Scott Cramer
Kahlil Butler Wendy Craft
Kaitlyn Bowen Wesley Petersen
Kaneisha Boyd Will & Daughter Isabel
Karen Durbin Will McCauley
Karen Forney William (Bill) Wiegel
Karen Green William “Bo” Smith
Karen Near Williams Rimmer
Karen Strong Winn
Karon Hammett Wounded Soldier Yates
Karson Brewster Yarnie Wastler
Kate Leckie Teresa DeLawter
Kathrine Riegart  Frank Horner
Patty Pollatos Fund