In Memory of Charles Leopold


You may make a donation In Memory of Charlie Leopold’s name to the PPF, Inc.

A Fireman’s Funeral

Charlie Leopold had the philosophy that if someone needed something done, he’d do it. It’s no wonder his funeral was a large one. The ladder trucks from Carroll Manor and Brunswick took up stations on opposite sides of Knoxville’s square corner around noon Friday, extended their ladders and unfurled a gigantic flag against the pure blue sky.

When the funeral procession arrived from Brunswick about 3 pm, firefighters in dress uniforms stood at attention as the Brunswick engine carrying Leopold’s coffin on the back went past.

Firefighting units from all of Brunswick’s mutual aid companies were part of the procession which wound slowly up Cemetery Circle to the top of Knoxville’s hill. Many local people came to watch the procession go by, and later heard the haunting sound of a bagpipe playing “Amazing Grace” float out over the town.

Charlie Leopold’s accidental death came as such a shock to his friends, and family, that it is difficult for the PPF Community to understand that Charlie won’t be there for our next events.  We will miss Charlie dearly not only for his helping heart but for his bright wonderful smile.  Charlie was there for us all!

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