2014 Family Fundraiser FUNomenon

 2014 FFF
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Event Rules for Family Fundraiser FUNomenon:

  • General Admission Ticket(s) and Child Tickets must be presented for admission to the grounds.
  • Adult Tickets $50 – Children Tickets $15 (6 to 12 years) provide admission to the grounds, PPF activities and PPF food tent included in tickets sales.
  • Ticket purchasers assume any and all responsibility/liability pertaining to this event including travel to and from the event, attendance at the event, and ownership and use of vehicles.
  • NO PETS, Coolers, Golf Carts, or Alcohol permitted onto the grounds.
  • When paying by check or money order include: Driver’s license number, home phone number, and mailing address. A returned check will be assessed a $30 fee.
  • When paying with credit card please include: Name, address with zip, type of card, card number, expiration date, and phone number.
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