Cindy Alvarado

Cindy’s Bio:

In July of 2014, Cindy was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer. She needs prayers and good thoughts sent her way. She is a private person but asked us to pass her info on to everyone who cares about her so they can collectively pray for her on Monday, January 18, when a shunt is being inserted into her brain to target chemo at the tumors just detected. Up until the end of December when she retired, Cindy was a principal at Carroll Manor Elementary where she just started working when she was diagnosed. Prior to Carroll Manor, Cindy worked at New Market Elementary School in Maryland.

Cindy started her career in education when she took a job in a little town in California called 29 Palms. She was hired at a job fair in New York and soon flew out to California to begin her teaching career. After working in 29 Palms for a few years, Cindy was hired at Conway Elementary School, in Escondido, CA where she worked for about 10 years. While in California, she married Ron Alvarado and had a beautiful son Taylor. Soon thereafter, wanting to be closer to family, Ron, Cindy and Taylor packed up and moved to Maryland. Casey was born soon after.

Cindy has lived and raised her wonderful sons in Frederick, Maryland for over 18 years. Sadly, Ron passed away a few years ago from cancer. Cindy met Mark Keyser, who has been in her life, going through this journey with her.

Anyone who has had the good fortune to get to know Cindy has felt her magic. She is funny, kind, reflective, thoughtful, and gentle. She is one of those amazing people who do not spend any time putting other people down or talking about anyone. She is “present” when you are with her, and that is what makes her so special. She makes her friends and family feel like they are the most important people in the world.

On February 3, 2016, our Cindy, peacefully, and surrounded by her family, went home to be with the Lord. Cindy faced her illness with a quiet ferocity to beat it and we are stunned to lose her so soon. She faced her life with a joyous spirit for celebrating every moment and, throughout this struggle, continued to think only of others. Words can’t capture the magnitude of our loss nor can they do justice to the beautiful life that was our Cindy.

Those that love Cindy want to help in some capacity, can do so by making a donation to PPF to help with the expenses left behind. Cindy has been concerned with the burden of financial responsibilities after her passing. PPF is able to help channel our love for Taylor and Casey as the move thru the grieving process and handle expenses from her passing thru your donations. Please put your words of encouragement and sorrow in the comments section if you wish. Sympathy cards should be sent directly to the family.

For any questions please contact Maryellen Austin at 240-605-1772 or You can also visit the site for more info on Cindy.



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